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Photo buisiness cards

Dureing the recent times I was not only reading various articles about other people and authorities harrasing fellow photographers, I also experienced few things like that "in person". Not that I got jailed or something, but at least in one case it got pretty darn close:-(

However, I noticed that in the very beginning of those few incendents I personally had, the other side ALWAYS fired up the same question: "Are you a professional? Do you have a business card on you?".

While I cannot honestly call myself a professional photographer (I'm still learning; I don't have a huge client base; no registerred/licensed business; no studio, etc), let alone I'm not (I'm a programmer), I decided that nothing prevents me from carrying a business card. So two days ago I did some research online.

It turned out that there is a ton of online sites offering this service. Many of them offer easy-or-not-so-easy-to-use online desingers. Some offer very exquisite solutions (trlanslucent, raised, etc). However my point was: simple, cheap and low-volume. After of couple (well, maybe 3 or 4:-) of hours of comparing various features and pricings I decided to stick with (NOTE: I'm not affiliated with them in anyway, I'm just a happy customer). Not only they provided online designer and allowed as low batches as 100 for only $19 (I went for 250 due to the shipping reasons - it was totally a better deal), they also allowed to upload your own design and provided you with a very simple and efficient instructions about the rules. They do one- and two- sided, glossy or not.

So I spent a night desining my first professional business card (tried to mimic my black smugmug-hosted site ), saved my work as TIFF (they take both TIFFs and JPEGs but say that TIFF is better), uploaded it, paid online - and this very morning, only 36 hours later I was bragging to my friends, showing off my new shiny cards.

I honestly think this solution can prevent some stupid future "security" accidents from happening.
And, for what I know, it can actually bring me some new customers:-)

Thank you for listening!


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