CompactFlash Corrupted Data

Started Apr 5, 2001 | Discussions thread
Robert Peppercorn New Member • Posts: 4

Using my Canon G1, I had taken 100 important medical photos. When I went to download, the IBM 340 Microdrive stangely lost all the images. Good grief! Has anyone heard of this nightmare with other size microdrives?

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Alan wrote:
Hi Maureen,
Did the card reader previously work okay, or has this problem
occurred the first time you tried it (perhaps you just bought it).
Apart from problems with the USB port itself that seems to afflict
one or two motherboards, many problems with card readers seem to
arise from a driver conflict with other system devices. Often this
seems to be because some of these devices pre-date the use of card
readers and their drivers need to be updated to the lastest
versions. Do the images still appear corrupted when you try the
card in the G1?

Maureen wrote:


I have (had?) numerous images on my 64 Mb Kingston CF card. I tried
to download it using SanDisk CF reader (ImageMate SDDR-31) and
ended up with corrupted CF! It was not corrupted when I viewed the
images with the CF in my PowerShot G1 prior to using the SanDisk

Is there a way of fixing the data?

Has anyone had a similar problem with CF readers or other CF cards?


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