Will Kenko 2X Pro TC work with Nikon 300mm F4 Af-S

Started Jul 8, 2004 | Discussions thread
Skidpan Senior Member • Posts: 1,881
Nikon Fixed It !

They showed me the circular, which had a photograph on. They just solder a short lead from a spot on the circuit board to the metal inner body of the lens.

Works like a charm.

Can't remember all the lenses on the circular, but it included the 70-200 VR, 300mm F4, 600mm F4. I assume that newer lenses must be fixed in the factory, my 300/4 AFS must have been lying in stock for a while. Although I did get it from B&H.

Thanks Nikon - great stuff !

PS : I only had the TC-14E II with me, but I am sure that the Kenko 2X will also work now - the symptoms were exactly the same. Will confirm tonight.

Skidpan wrote:
The technician from Nikon looked it up, and there is a problem with
four Nikon lense, including the 300mm F4 AFS and the 600mm F4 AFS.
They just need to earth a capacitor or something and then it will
work with the TC-1.4E II.

I am sure that it will also work with the Kenko Pro 300 2X once it
has been fixed. My problem is probably the same reason why many
samples of this lens don't work with Kenko TC's.

I am sure that the technician's explanation is correct, because it
ties up with my observations - when the 300/4 was used with either
of the TC's, the LCD started flickering, indicating some electrical
problem. He looked the solution up on some Nikon troubleshooting

I will report back, but it seems that there is hope for many of the
Nikon Tele lenses out there.

I am taking it to Nikon today, the technician said that he was
willing to try and get it done while I waited. We'll see !

Paolo Pizzi wrote:

Skidpan wrote:

I have just purchased a Nikon 300mm F4, a TC-14E II and a Kenko Pro
300 2X.

The AF does not work with either TC.

That's probably because you bought the old 300/4 (non-AFS)
and the TC-14EII only works with AF-S. As for the Kenko,
for some mysterious reason, it doesn't AF even with the
AF-S version of that lens.

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