need solution to protect the Monitor of A2

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Re: need solution to protect the Monitor of A2

I mainly use the EVF, but I also want to protect the LCD. Simply get a pack of ClearScreen Overlays such as sold by Belkin for PDAs. I've used these with my A1 and A2 and they work great. It's a bit fiddly to get the size just right, but not that bad. Leave one side just a tad wider if you wish, to make it easier to get off, or if you're really neat with fine cutting, leave a small tag for removal.

I use the same for my PDA without any problems.



WolF EyeS wrote:

how can you protect the LCD Monitor from SCRATCHING , is there eny
cover for it or eny solution . as we know the A2 monitor is
external then the scratching eny time happen>

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