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The Tips - Part 1

The Tips (In no order other than my arbitrary classification:)

Too long to post in one message. Please see next messages...

"Controls: just because i am so happy to have found a way to save power with my S1:

i like keeping the camera powered on when taking a series of pictures (e.g. at a concert, a lecture, a talk etc.) but i was

not very happy to see the EVF or the display on all the time wasting valuable power.

what am i doing now? in the menu (mode for taking pictures) i chose the ""sleep"" mode for the jump button (the button with

the square and the arrow) on the rear side of the camera. this means whenever i press that button now i toggle between EVF/

display on and off."

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"Controls: I find using the Shortcut button quite handy. Give it a try if you haven't set one (there are seven choices).

My G3 didn't have this feature, but I like the ability to set White Balance (it's one function I forget to change often) with

one touch of the shortcut button.

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I agree, John: the shortcut button is a great feature.

I use it practically on every shot for locking the auto exposure. If I have a contrasty subject, I select a framing that

includes more lighter areas or more darker areas, depending on how bright I want my main subject to be. Example: Person in the

middle of the frame looks too bright in the viewfinder; pan up to the sky (or bright trees) a bit, lock the exposure with the

shortcut button, pan back to the person, see if he's no longer too bright. Repeat if necessary until subject brightness looks

good. Focus and shoot.

This sounds a lot more complicated than it is in practice. It's actually quite intuitive and direct. Admittedly, though, it

works best for methodical shooting, not snapshots. And I find it faster than exposure compensation via the function buttons.

(Tip: To try this out, set the metering pattern to ""spot"" so that exposure changes become much more visible and dramatic.

You can actually hear the lens' iris opening and closing. In practice, though, I prefer the integrated metering pattern.

One limitation, though: this method is no good for series shooting since the locked exposure is lost once the shutter release

button is pressed. Or does anyone know a workaround for this? (On my old analogue Canon T-90, the exposure remains locked no

matter how many frames you shoot -- just as long as you keep the shutter release button pressed to the first pressure point.

Keeping the shortcut button pressed on the S-1 doesn't work.)"

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"Controls: For switching from LCD to Viewfinder, just use the window to switch (open to use the lcd, close not completely

will switch to the viewfinder). It is much faster. At least for me, that's how I do it. And I use the Custom (C) for another

set up of my preferences (so I can switch from day light to low light, or outdoors and indoors, or whatever)"

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If you dont release your finger after you shoot the pic, the photo stays on the LCD/EVF forever.

This allows you to set the photo preview to 0 secs. This makes it a lot easier to take actions shots.

If you ever want to preview a pic, just keep your finger pressed


And if you press the ""Display"" button before you press and hold the shutter you get the histogram straight away


then you can let go and decide to trash or even to add sound...."

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"Controls: I don't know whether this Tip has been mentioned, but the S1 P Mode (Program) allows program shift for exposure.

Here's how:

In P mode, when you half press the shutter and a combination of Aperture and Speed are diplayed, press the Exposure Lock

button (* is displayed on LCD or EVF). Toggle the four way controller left or right to change the combination of aperture/

speed without changing the exposure. Note: this will not work with the flash ON.


Hey that's a good tip. Now I can increase DOF without going to AV?
After > 3000 pics with the S1...
Serves me right for not reading the manual.


I haven't tried the AEL yet. Good idea. I like to use FE lock (flash exposure lock) it seems the flash recycles faster but

then again maybe I just want it to be faster and it is all in my head :-)"

=== End of Tip ===========================================


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