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Request :Please Read! My photography experience today...

Started Jul 18, 2004 | Discussions thread
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iron photo Regular Member • Posts: 298
Request :Please Read! My photography experience today...

Me and my cousin went down to NY to look at a Cardillac that one of my college freinds in IL is planning on buying. So, we go down there and what we find is that the owner of the car lives right next to a beach...wow. I'm thinking, yes, great photography opportunity.

The owner gave us the car keys and we asked her if we could take pictures of her car. She willingly agreed and handed us over the keys. We drove it around the block, took some pictures so that I can show it to my freind who lives in IL. Cops are walking up and down and noticing what we are doing. No questions asked, everything is going on fine.

Soon after we got done looking/testing the car, we take a walk at the beach...segaulls all around, birds..people, wind..wonderful. I never lived in a place like this so i'm excited. Turn on my camera, shoot some pictures of birds/beach, etc. I'm on my way back and i hear a plane flying by low...so, i take 2 frames of the plane.

As i'm walking away from the beach, cops ask us what are we filiming. I told him that we were taking pictures and not filming anything. He looks over the pictures and finds a picture of plane and that was it. They take our ids, etc. more cops show up. taken to police station and interogatted with a thorough background check.

I'm young and i look very indian. There are lots of people who take pictures of planes/beaches/people, etc. but how come I'm pulled over.

And my questions to you all, does having a 'big camera' with big 'zoom' lens mean something ? If picture was taken by me with a smalll pocket camera, would it make a difference?

I'm not accussing anyone of anything. Its the cops duty to make NY safe and take all precautions needed. They've cooperated with us and we have done the same.

But, what are your limits as a photographer?

I just had a long day. Sorry, i'd to get this off my chest.

-iron photo

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