Trap focus works - wowza!

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Try this

Reset the camera settings by holding down BKT and METERING MODE buttons (the two with the green dots) for two seconds until the display refreshes. This will make sure that any conflicting settings are cleared.

Put the camera in Aperature priority (other modes may work, but I've tested with this).

Set the menus as in the first post

Set a wide aperature and zoom your lens to it's maximum

Use the rocker switch to set the focus selector to the middle

Aim the camera at something close and press the AE-L/AF-L button to lock focus distance

Back the camera away so nothing is in focus under the middle focus area

Press and hold the shutter button fully down

Move the camera slowly forward and as soon as something comes into focus the shutter will fire.

jeremyInMT wrote:
if I fully depress the shutter button, it immediately trips the
shutter...doesn't wait for anything...rrrr

jperry wrote:
Use the AF/AL button to lock in the focus distance you want, then
release that button and fully depress the shutter button. The
camera will fire as soon as somethign comes into focus.

jeremyInMT wrote:
I can't get this to work! aaaahhhhh! Could someone give me
slightly more explicit instructions? I tried setting the AE-L/AF-L
button toe AF-ON and making sure my cam is on AF-S mode...then aim
at something, press and hold the AE-L/AF-L button and hold shutter
button all the way down...the camera just fires immediatly, and if
I only hold the shutter button down half-way, it never fires when
action comes into the shot....please help me! thanks in

kramp wrote:

It allows auto focus at 1:1 with my Tamron 90 wich normaly will
just hunt at that magnification, doesn't work well with faster
moving bugs like bees since it takes a second to get the focus to
lock but once it does it will fire a bunch of shots in continuous
shooting mode, and when you switch the lens to manual the shutter
button works normally.

Here are a couple of shots done with this method, the little frog
is about the size of your nail on your little finger. These are
hand held with no flash.

Hummingbird gallery
Bug Macros
Pets .

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still learning...

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still learning...

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