Where to buy lenses in Hong-Kong?

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Eden Yip Senior Member • Posts: 2,059
Wing Shing & Man Shing in Hong-Kong are NO GOOD!!!

I used to buy from these two shops. probably they are kind of family business, the customer services are BAD.

try the shops at stanley street, central. I switch to buy most stuff from "Kowng Tai" there. often offer discout if you pay cash. If you like nikon, they always have earlier shipment than other shops. I bought my SB600 there while most shops r all out of the stock but they can have just-arrived 5 units of SB600.

I also sold a used lens at 90% of the original price to one of the shops in the stanley street.

garry_y wrote:
Hi landY,
Wing Shing and Man Shing are very reputable dealers, there are some
others. They have the same owner I believe. If you want to check
prices go to B& H and see what the prices are for the import (grey
market) lenses. They are usually about the same as HK. You may
save a bit over puchasing here. Like $20 or $30 but not really
worth the trouble. You have to watch in the smaller shops in HK,
they have gray market also. Warranty is the big problem, if you
bring it back you will have a one year international warranty. You
will have to prove that you bought it and have the paperwork,
otherwise Nikon USA will not touch an import lens. If you buy a
USA version here then you get a 4 year warranty. I believe the
gray market in HK will only have a warranty in Japan and not the
international warranty. Also when you bring it back you need to
declare anything over $400 (as I remember) to customs and pay duty
on anything over that amount. IMO there is no real savings
purchasing a lens in HK. It is not like it was a long time ago.
Actually you can find mint versions of the lens you are looking for
used here for around $500. Hope that helps, I would spend my time
eating and taking in the sights rather than trying to shop for a
It is still fun to go look at a camera store or two.

landY wrote:

Travelling to HK, anyone knows where I can buy a Nikon lens there ?
I'm looking for 80-200 f2.8 for my D70...
Any web sites?

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