New happy Mark II owners who left Nikon/Fuji?

Started Jul 13, 2004 | Discussions thread
mauriceramirez Contributing Member • Posts: 665
same here

a pair of 10D's was my first foray into canon, and these didn't come even close to my pleasurable experrience of shooting d1x, d100, and especially the F5 bodies. Frankly i felt like it was a huge step backward, not to mention a loss monetarily. While the 10D build felt more solid, the AF, exposure, button layout, and the dynamic range just really put me off. After awhile I wouldn't pick up my cameras unless I was getting paid to shoot.

now i shoot everyday, just to practice w/my new camera. it's overall a much better camera than d1x in every way except for low-light AF. The d2h, however, is pretty close.

The canon way to select AF point (press button, figure out which wheel, roll whell, then press shutter) is pretty lame compared to the Nikons, but at least the thumbwheel doesn't fall off.

Oh, and also, Canon service is much faster... I've sent in cameras and have recieved them back WITHIN the same week--repaired free of charge. I wouldn't dream of asking Nikon Service to do that. To me the great service was well worth the loss of selling my bodies and AFS lenses.

One thing, don't expect Canon L glass to be quite as good as ED glass. Especially wide angles. It's not.


jerry wrote:
I shot with Nikon film gear for over 30 years. About 5 years ago I
started didling with digital (Olympus / Sony). Last year I sold a
ton of Nikon glass & my last 2 bodies & bought a 10D & a ton of
Canon glass (somehow it was NOT an even swap, lol). Last month I
bought the MK II. It has put me back into having a lot of fun with
photography again! After all isn't that what it's all about (for
99% of us)?

Andre Remoe wrote:

Hi folks,

Although I'm a Nikon/Fuji user, I am seriously considering to get a
Mark II, sell all my Nikon gear, and start from scratch with Canon.
Nikon and Fuji are now far behind in development. By the time Nikon
announces a "super-hyper" D2x, Canon will probably be launching
something even better. So, I'm tired of waiting.

If there are any new Mark II users in this forum that have done
what I'm planning to do, could you please tell me about your
experiences, and was it really worth doing it?


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