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Re: Flashlight Grand Inquisitor appointed! :-)

Vegard wrote:

Thanks Andy! A weight from my chest, really!

It might be nice to have a few more forum members to offer comments to get a better overall opinion. As I said, I can't guarantee checking this page every day.

although I am not sure if I could put my
comments into words quite as well as some other members of this

I shall not volunteer names here, but just a hint: Starts with
"Da", ends in "wn"...

You hit it in one, or four as it seems.

Did you ever see Man in the Moon with Kenneth More?

Many years ago. Don't remember much about it.

It must be 35 years since I saw it. The "British Summer Weather
Simulator" made a deep and permanent impression on me!

St Albans, UK
FCAS member #110
CATS member #56
and Ixus V

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