Infrared Help Please (2 pics with 5700)

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Re: Infrared Help Please (2 pics with 5700)


What is the difference between the R72 and 89b filters? When I check , I read that they are comparable. Another web site, , also suggests that they are similar. Yet your [very impressive!] pictures show quite a difference.

Can you (or anyone) direct me to a web site that had the transmission spectra for these filters? And, where did you get your 89b filter? And, what processing did you use to get those neat colours in your 89b-pictures?



Kamran wrote:

Ted, I also use R72 with 5700 and indeed it is a difficult
combination :). Your sample pic looks exactly like what I shot when
I got R72. Somehow pre-focusing did not work for me therefore I try
regular autofocusing if light permits. Or some times I also use
manual focus (10 clicks backwards from infinity). You can also
brighten the LCD to make the scene more visible when R72 is screwed
on. Just couple of months ago I got 89b another filter which is not
as dark as R72. Using this, I can also shoot IR in non-ideal

You can see my R72 IRs at and
89b IRs at .

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