Infrared Help Please (2 pics with 5700)

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Re: Infrared Help Please (2 pics with 5700)

Here is mine with the R72 and 5700..... Richard

Richard wrote:
Hey Tevern, try this next time, focus your camera first with out
the R72, once its in focus hold the shutter 1/2 way down to lock it
in focus, now screw on the R72 and take your shot. That way its in
focus. Make sure you're using a tripod and remote. If you don't
have a remote use the 10 sec. timer. You may need to lighten the
photos or contrast in Photoshop ......Richard L.

tevern wrote:

I've seen some good looking IR shots on pbase, so thought I'd take
the plunge. Purchased a Hoya 67mm R72 filter for my 5700 and used
the Nikon adapters that I already had.

The first thing I noticed is that BOY, IS IT DARK with the filter
on. Today, I went to friends house at the lake and took several
pictures in the bright sunlight, and used exposure times of 1/2 to
1 second. I'm linking to one scene taken with regular lens, and
the same scene with IR lens. To me the IR photo seems to be not in
focus. Is that because the there was a slight breeze, or am I
missing something else.

I've processed each photo in PS7, using only Auto Levels (on both),
and USM of 100/2/1 on the 'regular' photo. I then resized them.

Oh, I also noticed, for the first time, that I have several hot
spots in my camera.

Any suggestions, comments, etc are welcome. Thanks,

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