Dell delivers Muvo2 after cancellation

Started Jul 9, 2004 | Discussions thread
rx74me Regular Member • Posts: 168
Re: Dell delivers Muvo2 after cancellation did they same thing to me.
I've been trying to get them to realize that they
have shipped it to me and for them to send me a prepaid
label to send it back.

Orin B. wrote:
Did they charge you get charged for it?
If not then keep it!

Davidk wrote:

After a big run around with Dell Canada over a month ago, I
cancelled the Muvo2 I had ordered. Dell claimed the Muvo2 was
backordered, and then the discontinued. So today it gets delivered

  • that's Dell Canada for you.

Flat box
FG Part No. 70PD052300014
Warning on the back "The hard drive in your player will not work
with Compact Flash devices"

I guess this one's going back. Too bad. Davidk

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