E1 vs. D100, D70, 10D, etc...

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Moved to E-1 from 10D...

...E-1 is a big improvement!

As others have posted in this thread, the E-1 is superior to the others in it's class. Compared to my 10D, it has: far better metering - nails every shot almost perfectly in ESP mode; auto focus is night and day better; image quality is better with higher contrast and better saturation. Flash that actually works with the camera producing correct exposures. Could go on and on...

The negative spin on the smaller detector has limited truths in that smaller pitch pixels (which is what we're concerned about) and less area will not be equal to full frame sensors with larger pixels. It's just physics. That said, the readout design and image processing are key factors, and newer techniques can overcome noise and low signal issues.

10D does produce lower noise images at higher ISO (> 800), and if you need 1600/3200 then the E-1 is not the best choice. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the images coming from the Kodak CCD-based E-1, with Olympus's electronics doing some impressive work.

IMO the E-1 experience is it's main strength beyond the exposure, flash and focus metrics being discussed. Everything is well designed and thought out. Controls make sense, and have good customizing options. The buld quality is superb. The system accessory costs are reasonable and of the same high quality.

Moving from the 10D was quite a big step up. Unexpected, actually!


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