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Re: Sigma 300-800mm

Istvan Barva wrote:
Thanks for everyone!
Pauljd can we see some samples ?Im really,...i mean really curious!
I have the Sigma 50-500mm in the present.My copy sharpest at f8.
Can you show me some test shots with both lens?So i can see the
difference.I'd say at 500mm,and after on 800mm (on 800 ,with the
big one only of course)!Thank you,im looking forward to it.

pauljd wrote:

Istvan Barva wrote:

Hi Everybody!
Can someone be so kind and show me a samples ,which is made by this
lens,on 800mm?
Mostly im interested whats happening on f8,but wide open shots (or
6.3 and 7.1 shots)are also welcome!
Thank you!

Sorry for my english(still learning)!

I Just bought this lense i previously was using a bigmamma 50-500mm
I put a 1.4 teleconvertor on it and have a high number of high
definition shot that seem to be sharper than the big mamma.
I primarly shoot wildlife ( birds)
I did need to get a different head for my tripod this is a biggggg
I got around the issue of carrying the set up by attaching a strap
to the strap fastners on the lense and slinging the strap around my
neck or sholder. This is easier to carry than the 50-500 which I
carried by hand.

I suspect that I may need to get a different tripod to reduce lense

I normally shoot wide open. I have found that on my copy of the
50-500 this is were I seemed to get the best shot. The 300-800
seems to give great shot backed off. I need to do this more
frequently with it set up I have as I am almoet at 1200 mm wide

Please ignore my english(still learning)!

I don't know how to attach a jpeg of the 50-500 with 1.4 tc at 500mm and the 300-800 with 1.4 tc at 800 . I will try to send these directly to you e mail

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