I think someone STOLE my shot for a challenge!!

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Re: Terry2: I did NOT steal your photo!


I was waiting for you to post, I started to think it was strange that if indeed it was a different shot that the person who took it hadn't spoken up.
I apologize to you, I did not mean any harm to your reputation.

I understand it's the Golden Gate bridge, but I hope you understand where my reaction was coming from, I am proud of my shot, as any photographer should be, I got mad because they look so much alike and I overreacted.
You coming forward and claiming your shot is good enough for me.
Keep shooting.

As far as everyone else's interpretation of my behaviour, this is a public fourm people and if you don't like what your reading, stop reading! I only lashed out at the people who hit below the belt FIRST!

As I said I'm am not just going to sit here and take shots from people who try to run over me with the bandwagon. Like it or not I'm just not going to do it!
If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

Maybe someday the same thing will happen to you and then you will understand where I was coming from.
Ok everyone had a good laugh, party is over, everyone go back to work.

Look at it this way it provided some form of entertainment for about 18 hours, would you rather sit around reading about backfocus, and looking at focus tests, or looking at flowers until your sick of them?

This was not my intention, but that is how it played out thanks to all the wonderful people that chimed in on this.

Thomas Adams was right, there are so many people here looking for help, but everybody is quick to jump in the ring and start taking swings. Maybe we all should do a little soul searching.
But I truthfully can't expect anyone to understand unless it happens to them.

agan72 wrote:


First off, I understand your frustration. Those are very similar
pictures, but mine is not yours, nor was it inspired by it. Let me
clarify a few things:

1. It is the Golden Gate Bridge.
2. There was no cropping or funny Photoshop techniques involved,
only resizing (to 50%, hence 1000x1504 pixels), and an image
sharpening technique in Scott Kelby's outstanding Photoshop book.
And no, I did not 'clone out' the fence. That would have required a
ghastly amount of time for a non-monetary challenge. I hope I have
enough life to preclude your allegation.
3. It was a 'practice' image. The D70 is my first digital camera,
coming from mostly P&S film cameras experience, and I wanted to try
my hands on night photography. And no, I did not wait until 2am to
take the photograph.
4. I am FLATTERED that a distinguished photographer like yourself
has mistaken my image for his.
5. Did I say it was the Golden Gate Bridge?

Oh, and I did NOT steal your photo!

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