I think someone STOLE my shot for a challenge!!

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I think someone STOLE my shot for a challenge!!

I was browsing through challenge #5 postings on Smug Mug and I think someone stole my shot of the Golden Gate bridge!

It looks like they croped it, photoshoped out the little fence in the forground, and photoshoped in a sky effect.

The reason I think this is so is because of the colors, and the highlights running up the cables are exactly the same. Also the streak of light running across the bridge is exactly the same! Anybody that lives in the bay area knows that we hardly ever have the same weather here from one day to the next, especilly at the Golden Gate, I haven't seen another night yet like it was the night I got this photo.

I had a copyright on it but on the right bottom of the frame, far away from this crop, which makes it even more suspicious!

Not to mention the fact that if it was a different shot why not take a shot of the whole bridge in all it's glory. Maybe because it was stolen and used in a challenge! And who knows where else!

I HATE thieves and liars and if who ever posted this had the balls to steal it, then they should have the balls to admit it !!!
This PISSES me off and I don't appreciate it one bit!!!

You people that run the challenge please tell us all who posted this shot in the challenge on Smug Mug (if you know) so we know who the thief among us is !

I have all the originals, and even got it blown up and is hanging on my wall right now.
Where are your originals Mr. Thief??!!!

This is not the way photographers treat other photographers, if thats waht you want to call yourself Mr. Thief. Get your own stuff and stop stealing others!!!!!!!!!

See for yourselves and tell us what you think. Pay close attention to the lights and highlights on the cables, and on the deck of the bridge.

Here is the link to the Smug mug page:

And here is the original that I took.

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