Adobe Color Space: Not Lovin' It... (Pics)

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Re: My Homework Assignment

beaucamera wrote:

Okay, Illiah, this will take some time. I have several monitors &
LCDs. The ones I use the most for imaging work are Sony G500
CRT's. I tried profiling one of these before and it took hours
because the adjustment setting are manual.

You can try restoring default settings, adjusting brightnrss, contrast and colour temperature with Adobe Gamma, then taking Adobe Gamma out of Startup, and installing canned profiles for your monitor model.

I tried once again and
the Monaco stuff would not work

Which stuff exectly was it? BTW, new Spyder seems working...

don't have a monitor I'll do the best I can.

You can make it yourself, IMHO

I'll need
to get back to you at another time after I've had a chance to play
around with this stuff again.

any time
no text

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