Adobe Color Space: Not Lovin' It... (Pics)

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Printing Progress

Iliah....I've finally made some progress on the printing front. I used Monaco Optrix/EZ color to create a printer profile for my Tektronix 740 plus. Not an easy task, however, because the printer is networked and the software wasn't designed for network applications and my scanner is attached to a different computer! Eventually I was able to get the printer profile on the network printer on my Windows 2000 Server. Then I set up the printer properties on the Server for color management with the profile I created and ICM management by the host automatically. The hardware and Server both have the same print feature selected for color correction: sRGB (not sure this makes any difference, though).

When I bring up an TIFF image (which I've already postprocessed and stored) in PSCS, I select mode and find that I'm in RGB mode and 16 bit color. Then I select assign profile and change from Adobe RGB (1998) to the Tektronix profile I created. When I do this it lightens the image an seems to add more white.

Now when I print with preview, the Tektronix profile appears. I use same as source as the print space. In the printer dialog box under advanced settting, I have selected ICM handed by host system and printer color as sRGB or automatic.

Now I get printed images that look like what I see on the screen! I don't save the image in the Tektronix profile, though, I just use it temporarily for printer and leave the Tiff in the Adobe RGB (1998).

I used the same method to create a temporary sRGB profile, saving the image as sRGB IEC 1966-2.1 in a separate directory. I am posting that image here so you can see the result in your browser.

There is still much to learn, but I'm coming along slowly but surely!
Thank you for your help.

Iliah Borg wrote:

I use the "print with preview" and the print profile I usually use
is SRGB. There is also another "print with preview" option: color
management or output.

Color management, and set destination profile (printer profile) to
printer/paper/quality combo matching profile.

If I'm using Adobe RGB, at this point and want to make a jpeg for
the web, what method do you recommend? I've been using the save
for the web feature in PSCS. I take my photos as NEFs, bringing
them in to Nikon View 6.22 for initial processing and then in PSCS
where they become 16 bit tiffs. This is the point I then "save for
the web."

Before "save for web" it is a good idea to convert to sRGB or
generic monitor profile. Better to do the conversion in 16-bit
mode, though the difference is not that great.

Where should this adjustment be done?

Image - Mode - Convert to profile

In PS, Shift-Ctrl-K, please, and look at your settings to know what
is going when you open a file. See what printer profiles do you
have installed in the system; how is your driver instructed to deal
with colour; and try "print with preview" with correct profile set
as your printer profile.

I've reviewed this many times to ensure the correct settings are
used, but I think the problem is in software color space .

List your settings please

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