E10 fault

Started Jul 4, 2004 | Discussions thread
Gary Teska Forum Member • Posts: 67
Re: E10 fault

Geoff Benson wrote:

My E10 has been very reliable but today made a whirring sound when
powered up, the display on the top of the camera remained blank
except fo "Bo" and a number - from memory about 530. An hour or two
later it came back to life when powered up againand now works fine.

Anyone know what happened?
Geoff Benson

I've had my E-10 for 2 years and I've had it freeze up about 4 times, needing just to turn of (sometimes pull the batteries) and turn back on. I don't remember the specific sysmtoms you had, but these cameras are just like computers and seemed to need to be rebooted once in a while.

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