Any recommendation for noise reduction software?

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Re: Any recommendation for noise reduction software?

Another, free one is called "Noiseware". It may not give the level of control that Noise Ninja or Neatimage do, but it is easier (to me) to use. I had to shoot some concert photos under weak lighting, and I had to set my A2 @400 iso. The images were pretty noisy, but Noiseware made them look signifcantly better. It did so without much loss in detail, which was very important on these shots. Good luck. -Rick

Jens Noer wrote:

t001 wrote:

Dear all,

I know the people in this forum are mostly professional
photographers and probably not too crazy after doing photo effect,
however, it is still necessary sometime for making better pictures.
I myself like to use the noise reduction program to smooth out the
model’s skin or give a clear look of the lake or etc.

Anyway, my question is if anyone of you can recommend a good noise
reduction software. Also, it will be great if you can share some
knowledge or tips for using such tool.

Wish to hear from you soon.


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