Questions about the IR remote...

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Re: Questions about the IR remote...

Ebay is bidding up to $50 for it. You might want to think twice.

KenEis wrote:
I have the new ML-3 and find it almost useless. Can't shot from
behind the camera. Can't even get consistent shutter releases from
the front on the right side (camera left). If you really want one I
will sell you mine for $15 and its new.

kramp wrote:

Uncle Frank wrote:

First of all, ML-1 or ML-3? is there any difference?

I have the ML-1, I here the ML-3 is bigger and doesn't have to be
unscrewed to change the battery.

Can the remote be used in continuous mode?

No it can't.

The sensor's on the front left of the camera, but I'm trying to
remotely fire from behind the camera, not take a self portrait
(ugh). Can it be done?

Yes you just have to put a piece of tinfoil or paper in front of
the sensor to reflect the signal.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Your welcome.

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