Adobe Color Space: Not Lovin' It... (Pics)

Started Jun 29, 2004 | Discussions thread
Misha Hoichman Forum Member • Posts: 96
I do like the colors

I think the colors are very good: not too saturated, without color shifts. Look at the skin tones of the boy. I think they look real. The lips are not too red, as it frequently happens with sRGB.

When I switched from F80 + film scanner to D70, I was a bit upset about the colors: they were oversaturated, too plasticy, too strong red, skin tones leaned towards magenta. Then I switched from sRGB to Adobe RGB, and the right colors were back.

If you want the image be more visually impressive, you should probably increase saturation. If you don't like the yellow cast (I do like), then change the white balance.


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