Adobe Color Space: Not Lovin' It... (Pics)

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Re: Time out, folks. Let me try to answer.


Robert Peters wrote:
All of the following is based on my personal experiences over the
last 4 years. I do not claim to be an expert.

(0) The file name associated with your picture is of the form
DSC_0654, for instance. If the image were recorded in Adobe RGB
the file name would begin with DSC. Have you renamed the files or
was that particular image recorded in sRGB? The file does not
contain any color space tag.

(1) If you are using Photoshop and are recording the images in
Adobe RGB (I'm assuming you are using jpeg format) then the
Photoshop Working Space should be set Adobe RGB.

(2) Open the Potoshop Color Settings and enable ALL the warning
dialogs (missing profile, profile mismatch, etc) so that you dont
get any "color surprises."

(3) If you have a printer such as an Epson Stylus Photo 1280 or any
printer which is supplied with profiles for the various papers you
use then you DO NOT need to convert to sRGB before printing.
Period. However, you MUST let Photoshop do all the color
management and TURN OFF the color management of the printer driver.
If you can't perform the final step then you will probably have to
convert to sRGB (or whatever is recommended for your printer).

(4) If the colors of the Adobe RGB images look drab in your browser
then your browser does not perform proper color management. In
particular, IE on Windows assumes the whole universe is sRGB. If
you use a Macintosh then Safari does color management as does IE.
Drab colors (relative to Photochop) in other applications also are
the result of improper color management.

(5) When you post to the web you must first "Convert to Profile"
with sRGB as the target.

I hope this helps.

Bob Peters

ThomasBricker wrote:

Ok so I shot in Adobe color space.
Color looks pretty grim.
Is it just that it will only look good in Photoshop set to Adobe 1998?
I tried it and it looked a little better.
I personally think that ColorMatch RGB is the best RGB space of all
of them.
What do the rest of you think?

BTW, how do people "load" this "White Wedding Curve I keep hearing
What is it exactly?

These are the Adobe RGB shots:

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