Adobe Color Space: Not Lovin' It... (Pics)

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Re: an attempt to answer :) thank you

I use the "print with preview" and the print profile I usually use
is SRGB. There is also another "print with preview" option: color
management or output.

Color management, and set destination profile (printer profile) to printer/paper/quality combo matching profile.

If I'm using Adobe RGB, at this point and want to make a jpeg for
the web, what method do you recommend? I've been using the save
for the web feature in PSCS. I take my photos as NEFs, bringing
them in to Nikon View 6.22 for initial processing and then in PSCS
where they become 16 bit tiffs. This is the point I then "save for
the web."

Before "save for web" it is a good idea to convert to sRGB or
generic monitor profile. Better to do the conversion in 16-bit
mode, though the difference is not that great.

Where should this adjustment be done?

Image - Mode - Convert to profile

In PS, Shift-Ctrl-K, please, and look at your settings to know what
is going when you open a file. See what printer profiles do you
have installed in the system; how is your driver instructed to deal
with colour; and try "print with preview" with correct profile set
as your printer profile.

I've reviewed this many times to ensure the correct settings are
used, but I think the problem is in software color space .

List your settings please

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