Adobe Color Space: Not Lovin' It... (Pics)

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Thank you again!

Iliah Borg wrote:

beaucamera wrote:

Should the printer driver color management be set to off in both
the printer and in the software? I normally have the the printer
hardware set to sRGB? If the hardware is set to "off" there is
hardly any color.

If you print from Photoshop, or othe colour-savvy program - set
driver and all other components (if there are any) to "color
management off"

Is this called the ICM profile?

What should I set the printer hardware settings to? For software I am using Adobe CS Suite mostly sometime MS Office 2003, where I insert photos.

What is the difference between converting and assigning? What

should be done where?

Converting is changing RGB (CMYK) numbers and preserving colour;
assigning is vice versa.

Huh? not sure what you mean?

When you want to represent colour on the target device accuratly,
you convert to destination colour space.

So this means I take the camera color space and convert it to the color space I am using in my software program, e.g. PSCS, Adobe RGB, right? Then turn the color management software off in the print driver to sRGB?

If I'm using Adobe RGB, at this point and want to make a jpeg for the web, what method do you recommend? I've been using the save for the web feature in PSCS. I take my photos as NEFs, bringing them in to Nikon View 6.22 for initial processing and then in PSCS where they become 16 bit tiffs. This is the point I then "save for the web." ( and sometimes I convert to 8 bit tiffs.)

When the sourcre file is untagged, but you know somehow what is the
colour space for it (mainly by educated guess), you assign that
source space.

When would a color space be untagged? How do you untag it? Why?

When the source file is untagged, and you do not have an idea of
what colour space it is, you try assigning different source colour

When the source file is tagged, but the tag seems to be invalid,
see above

If I understand you correctly, this is where I seem to be having a problem with printing. What should I be doing here? How should I do this? Should this correction be made in the application software or does it somehow need to be setup in the operating system, Win XP Pro?

When the source file is too dark, or too light, you assign same
colour space to it, but with different gamma value.

Could you give an example? I seem to be loosing color value in my conversions and printing. What should I do to the gamma value?

When the source file is too red, or too blue, you assign same
colour space to it, but with different white point.

How does one adjust the white point in a CS profile?

Superposition of assignments is possible and widely used; after
assigning you convert to working colour space.

What color space would you be in here and what color space would your image actually have? The working color space or the one you used when you actually took the photo?

I know this is complicated and I really appreciate your help!
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