minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link

Started Apr 26, 2004 | Discussions thread
Poulsan Senior Member • Posts: 1,195
Re: minolta A1 firmware 1.10e/u download link

Well I did it and it works Too early to tell any difference, other than all settings have been changed to default values (long time ago I heard that startup melody :-))

Poulsan wrote:
Thanks! I'll try it and blaim you if I toast it


Digital Nigel wrote:

Poulsan wrote:

siuba wrote:



enjoy it

Did anyone actually install the 1.10e firmware from this link? I
downloaded it, but hesitate to start the process...

Yes, it was quick and easy, and the A1 works fine with no problems.
I've not tried any focus speed tests, but it seems at least as good
as it ever was at low light focusing.

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