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Re: Wandering thread

Laurence W. Stewart wrote:

sparrowminded wrote:

Peter Heberer wrote:

Peter Heberer wrote:

Recently I purchased my A2 and ordered....

This thread was written not for which camera to buy but to
understand the problem with accessories. Oh well.

My vote, I'm predjudice (I own one), is the A2 period.
Pete H

hmmm. I invite you to examine my photographs.
I'm still Da Larry!

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How can it be then, that you have the gumption to venture into such foriegn places as this desolate Chinese province and the edge of a terrible fire, but have such reservations about moving along to the A2? The return problem is an entire non-issue if you buy at Costco. Ante up thier $45 price of admission, and the price of the A2 is still very good, with a full year of returns. I believe they had the Sandisk 2 Gb. CF for sale at about $350 too, and may still. Your galleries don't speak of a fence sitter....
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