A2 Accessories & Lenses - warning

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Re: A2 Accessories & Lenses - warning

I still don't see the point. You take it back, you get a well-functioning unit or your money back, at your option. It is 100% risk free. You write as if geting a defective unit the first time around would mean losing $1000. But to each his own.

Laurence W. Stewart wrote:

Mauricio23 wrote:

I just don't get this attitude. Here's a simple plan of action:

1) Buy A2

2) Use A2

3) If A2 has QC issues, take it back to the store for a
replacement. Return to step 2. Otherwiise, go to step 4.

4) Enjoy A2.

Hmmmm. Simple, simple minded or simplistic? I think I'll stick
with my current plan. Carefully investigate before purchase. I
completely understand that evidence gathered on this forum is
anecdotal and not scientific. However, an A2 is not a cheap date
and my trust fund is about tapped out. Before I pay a price
premium for anything I'd like some assurance that it is going to
perform as expected. It is not at all clear what the magnitude of
product defects is but it is clearly no-trivial. I'll continue to
gather information, thank you very much, and make a decision when
it seems as though there is a better than even chance that I'll get
a camera that manifests none of the aberrant behaviours so often
complained of. The opportunity to take it back is small comfort
when contemplating a purchase of nearly one grand.

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