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Re: A2 Accessories & Lenses - warning

I just don't get this attitude. Here's a simple plan of action:

1) Buy A2

2) Use A2

3) If A2 has QC issues, take it back to the store for a replacement. Return to step 2. Otherwiise, go to step 4.

4) Enjoy A2.

The fact that a few A2s had problems (as a few units of every model have) doesn't mean that every unit has the same problems.

Laurence W. Stewart wrote:

Peter Heberer wrote:

Recently I purchased my A2 and ordered the dat2 Vision Optics .5x
super wide angle and dat2 Vision Optics 2x compact ultra lite
telephoto lenses. Also I ordered the Sakar Digital Camera
Universal AC/DC Battery Charger. I was told they were all
compatible with the A2.

I've found that the wide angle lens has severe vignetting up to
30mm which makes this lens totally unusable. Camera normally goes
to 28mm.

The wide angle does not give clear photos when in telephoto. I get
a bigger blurry image. Camera's lens at 200mm is smaller but
clearer. This makes this lens totally unusable.

These lenses are 52mm and need a 49-52 adapter ring.

I called Sakar about their #CH-3200CL charger and they say they do
not presently make a quick charger for the NP-400.

I'll not mention my supplier but beware that you get only
compatible equipment for the A2.

Anybody have an incite to these problems?

Fun info.
My first digital was the the FinePix 6900Z great but I had trouble
with focus and low light problems. When done correctly it gave
great prints but I just had far too many blurry photos. Most were
operator problems because I do mostly hand held shooting.

The A2 in comparison with the low light capability, superior auto
focus, and stabilization is unbelievable. I now have to try to get
bad pics.

Interesting is I went digital for many of the normal reasons but
especially the small form factor and light weight (compared to my
Minolta 7000i - very heavy and big with the zoom lens). The A2 is
big and heavy compared to the 6900Z but what a camera.
Pete H

Thanx for the background info, Peter. I have a Fuji S602Z which I
like a lot but I am also a long time Minolta User and fan. I am
looking very, very hard at the A1 or A2 and have been lurking here
for some time. I am just a little leery about all the QC issues
that seem to plaque these two digicams; the A2 in particular. All
of my old manual Minolta's were wonderful and well built cameras
and this spate of problems puzzles, saddens, and gives me pause.
My Fujio has been rock solid but I really want the A2's features.

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