*** Are you taking boring pictures? ***

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*** Are you taking boring pictures? ***

The title of this message is provocative and what I am referring to, is this interesting article written by Petteri:

In another thread ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1009&message=9274153 ) Andy started an interesting discussion on candid photography based on another Petteri's article and then in the same thread the discussion deviated to this other interesting article and we agreed to start a new thread.

The idea is simple:
1) Read the article
2) Try to put into words where is your photographic evolution.

Let me kick off the conversation saying that I found myself in the " it" phase, described in the article as:

"start producing blurry, grainy, ugly pictures of nothing in particular, and get a momentary kick out of knocking over all the idols you so painstakingly built, until you realize that you're only following another set of conventions, in order to please another crowd, only this time it's a smaller crowd who likes to wear black, smoke a lot, and sit around in cafés."

Here is a recent example:

And you? where are you? in which phase?

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Francesco Gallarotti

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