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ambient light

Peter Henry wrote:

sarge912 wrote:

Don't know if anyone is even reading this thread but I took some
macros in almost total darkness using the cheapbouncer. They turned
out pretty nice.

Nice.. if it works, it works..

What's the advantage of using this device instead of say using
ambient lighting? I haven't done macro before.

well, since it reaches out and puts the light over the top of the closeup object it helps to bring out detail.

In the case that I used, there was no real ambient light.
If you flash directly on a macro it tends to washout.

I sometimes have to photograpgh evidence at a crime scene without being able to move it. This allows me to bring up detail that might otherwise be misssed.

The bounce also works well for regular shots where you don't want direct flash but don't have a cealing to bounce off of.

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