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Re: Copyright Signature on pictures

use photoshop.....

here's how I do it...on PS7..assuming you have the PS7...for PSCS I have no clue

Open PS
go to File/New
on the preset sizes select 2x3
on Contents select okay

Click on type tool and type your signature (alt-G for Mac ©, i think it's option G for PC? not sure)

then crop the signature, after you crop the signature

go to Edit/Define brush

name your signature and press OK or save (whichever you have)

go to brush tool and scroll down (mines at the bottom) you'll see your new signature stamp there.

stamp away on your pics!

I hope this helps......

Slide & Sound Cologne wrote:


I'm looking for a freeware programm to sign my pictures with a
copyright as all of you do. Can anybody help?


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I like it simple......
D isang daan

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