Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: Oh yeah...

Well said, people choose their cameras for different reasons, both the D70 and 300D and the 10D are excellent cameras, I use both Nikon and Canon equipment professionally, my own personal preference was for the Canon CMOS sensor, so I bought a 300D for my own use, I also have a D30 and the use of a 10D and 1D2 plus Fuji S2's and Nikon D1x's.

The only thing that influenced my choice was the CMOS sensor, all this knocking is pointless.

All the best


mf wrote:

Despite what I wrote above on how the D70 suits MY needs, I would
never go into the 300D forum and be rude about their camera.
People choose camera's for many reasons. They made their choice,
and many of them experience DSLR heaven for a full 6 months before
I did :). I hope they are enjoying their babies as much as I'm
enjoying mine.

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