Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

Started Oct 15, 2003 | Discussions thread
DRichards New Member • Posts: 14
Re: Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

I just upgraded the firmware on my 5700 and followed up by using this utility to do a remap. I was somewhat distraught because DeadPixelTest flagged almost 100 hot pixels on an 8 second exposure closed-cap TIFF, and I thought I'd take a chance before taking it in for repair.

Worked brilliantly . A retest with another 8 second closed-cap TIFF after the remap came up with zero hot pixels! This is better than it was when the camera was brand new.

The most complicated part of the whole process was digging through all my "random wires" boxes trying to find the USB connector cable for the camera

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