Canon Powershot S60 Initial Impression

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Re: No shutter speed displayed on LCD

The s60 is a complete disaster just look at the photos below all of them suffers from severly soft edges and i was hoping that this camera would be the holy grail guess not.
First customer review on not a happy sight.

Sal Baker wrote:
I also found the S400 too limiting. But it does have a blinking
warning light that comes on when the shutter speed is too low to
handhold. I have no idea what speed triggered the alarm, but it
seemed pretty accurate based on my results when I ignored it.

Peter Spiro wrote:
I had an S400, which I bought because I thought I could live
without control in exchange for something really compact. I
ended up selling it. The last straw was that it wouldn't tell me
what shutter speed it was using, and so I couldn't decide for
myself if there was enough light to take a handheld shot without
flash or boost the ISO.

Willa wrote:

I own several digital cameras, including the 10D, and wanted a
'purse' camera. Although I am spoiled with all the extra control I
have come to love using my DSLR, for a quick grab and shoot, I've
decided to pick up the S500. I reallly like this little camera.
The S60 of course, was a consideration. I also own the Oly D40, an
excellent camera, especially at the price you can get it now (if
you can tolerate slow shutter speeds). I chose the S500 over the
S60 because:
1. Size.
2. Durability
3. I like the lens cover on the S500 better than the clam-shell
design of the S60. I am not so sure that the clam shell design
is any more durable. Maybe. Maybe not. The metal bodies of the
S410/S500 are pretty durable, although I don't understand why the
battery and CF doors are plastic! Also, I'm not crazy about the
clamshell/power up design feature on the S60. It annoys me, as
does the same feature on my Oly D40.
4. I want something I don't have to 'mess with' in a pinch. So
often, by the time I yank out one of my bigger babies, I've missed
the shot.
5. Ergonomics. The shape of the S500 and S410 felt better in my
hands than the S60.
6. Actually, if you don't care about video all that much, go with
the S410, supposedly, it takes less-noisy photos than the S500, and
the one-megapixel-for-$100-more difference is minimal. The S410,
at BestBuy for $399 is a great deal IMHO.
7. The photos taken with these two little cameras (S410 and S500)
look pretty d@mn great! Of course the S60 takes awesome photos.

Of course these are all personal choices. Many people will surely
choose the S60 for it's advanced features and control, but I
already have those on my DSLR, so I don't need them.

Good luck in your decision making, you can't really go wrong with
any of the aforementioned cameras, so just jump in, lol!

Good luck.


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