Dixons / Currys Best UK price??

Started Jun 10, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Dixons / Currys Best UK price??

Thanks all for your input...

Yep I agree the Dixons / Currys sales people don't know squat.. I had to direct the guy behind the camera counter to the D70 on the shelf as he seemed not to know what I was talking about when asking if the lens was included with the D70 in the discount price....

I don't have any lenses at present as I'll be moving up from my much loved CP5700... So I guess I should check out the price of the body + a couple of lenses to give me 17 through to 300ish mm, but I'm thinking as the cheapest "body only" is around £700 a 28-80 lens for £65 as a starter isn't to bad...

Thanks again


JonnyThunder wrote:

Dixons offers the 28-80 lens with the kit. As a matter of
principle I wouldn't buy something like the D70 at Dixons. I went
in there first, and although the guy knew some technical terms - it
was all magazine stuff. Apart from that, he was a fairly pushy
salesman as I would expect!

But like you say, it's a good price, and probably a good move if
you have other lenses you can use too.

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