Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

Started Jun 9, 2004 | Discussions thread
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prefer d70 over any Canon


mf wrote:

I might have gone for the 10D (not the 300D) if it could match the
D70 in speed. Speed to start up, and the ability to use faster CF
cards. The RAW buffer may not be the largest in the world, but I
can keep shooting at 1fps until my card fills. On Large Fine jpeg
I can keep going at 3fps indefinitely (in my experience). As a
wildlife photographer this really counts - especially the start up
time so that I'm not missing shots.

My reasons for choosing the D70 or the 10D over the 300D - simple -
2 dials make all the difference when shooting in Manual Mode and
needing quick access to both shutter and aperture speed. Which I
do all the time - and have done since using manual film SLR's since

This is No 1 important to me- 2 dials and also nikon’s larger font size!

For digital camera i need to change setting very often, NO CANON l would like to use other then auto settings but i don't use auto at all.

People say the body doesn't matter, only the lenses. Between Nikon
and Canon both lenses are awesome. But as I'm not rich enough to
purchase their most expensive lenses anyway, I see plenty of Sigma
in my future (so identical, just with different lens mounts).

Having made the jump to Nikon I find myself more than satisfied.
The D70 is superb to use. Nikon themselves are simply a user
friendly engineering firm. They'll clean dust from CCD's for free,
and bring out consumer SLR's which are in many ways enhanced
versions of their more expensive models (eg D100).

Would I change to a hacked camera? See the title of my post...

For me, there are many other reasons to prefer d70 over any other canon:
I like old Nikon lens,
Flash 250v is mach better then canon 6v, not many people know that,
Af assistant,
Light but well built.

D70 Is not perfect but it is just right for me.

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