Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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The only non-wild birds.........

Todd Siegwart wrote:


For your needs you have the perfect set up. No argument. A camera
that captures a great image and a sharp prime lens at the right
focal length for a great price.

If I ever decide to specialize in taking pictures of birds at the
zoo, I'll use your rig.

in my galleries are the parrots. So why do you mention taking pics at the zoo? Do you not have wild birds where you live? Sorry, i think i'm just trying to argue now, it's peacekeepers fault, i will stop reading his posts.

The 80-400 VR is an awesome lens for a variety of real world
shooting situations. I'd love to have one. VR is freak'n sweet.


PaulyOly wrote:

PaulyOly wrote:

Those look good, but they were taken with a 200mm lens, i was
looking for 400mm shots. Even so i've seen much nicer looking
images taken with a 10d or 300d. On my lcd flat panel monitor i
can see a difference between a cmos sensor image and a ccd. To me
the cmos images look nicer, smoother, but both are equally sharp
and colorful. Just my opinion.

Thought these were the seagull pics. The headshots look good, but
why all headshots? I'll have to go back and read the exif to see
if they were taken at 400mm.

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