Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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PaulyOly Veteran Member • Posts: 7,723
I suspect....

peacekeeper wrote:
The reason that you can't find any of my pictures is because you
either didn't try hard enough or you are incompetent or you are
just plain pathetic. I suspect it is a combination of all three.
If you think that I am going post anymore pictures for someone who
conducts themselves like you do, you are also quite ignorant and
confused. It is probably a combination of all five. Oh by the
way, the crop is bad on your picture. You cut off the half of what
I am assuming is your face. Assuming that is you, you must really
be in love with yourself because it would seem that you attach
three of that picture sometimes. How vain. It is also grainy,
yellow cast, and underexposed. Nikons Digital DEE could have taken
care of part of that. Goodbye.

PaulyOly wrote:

peacekeeper wrote:

The verdict is in.


Best Consumer Digital SLR Camera: Nikon D70

Features? Blah. I still can't find one single picture posted by
you in all your 433 posts. This seems odd to me.

You wouldn't say such things to my face, but feel safe behind the internet, nevertheless insult me all you want if it makes you feel like more of a man. Just post a link.

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