Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

Started Jun 9, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Shutter Trouble with Canon?

Man i wish you would stop saying this, there is no reason to believe the hacked firmware will void your warranty. No one has been refused warranty work because of the hack and canon has not made any official statement claiming they will refuse service to hacked firmware users.

I recall reading a Canon Canada memo about this - it voids the warranty. If you change it back to stock they might not find out about it...but is this the sort of ethical life to suggest to others?

. With all the err99 faults and shutter problems I would not want to do that. I've had my share of error 99's, i hope the d70's shutter proves to be better.

Many people have had to have their Canon's shutter replaced. One guy three times. Is yours intermittent? Maybe get it looked at so it doesn't fail later on requiring replacement. Any change in behavior since you added the underground software?

No one believes you own a canon. Please post a picture of your canon taken with your nikon, i'll even host it for you.

Well... I believe him so you can't say no one any more.

Many prefer the images from the canon cmos, i'm one of many.

Few folks compare identical shots taken with both cameras. I have. The softness in some Canon shots contrasts with the sharpness & detail in simultaneous Nikon shots.


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