Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: 10d was $1500usd........

Paul.R.Lindqvist wrote:

PaulyOly wrote:

Paul.R.Lindqvist wrote:

If u want the real deal why not buy a 10D ? laughable how cheap
people can be... yea the 300d is packed with feature once u hacks
it and lose ur warranty... way to go..

Personally i dont why u ever wanna hack a 300d ? I mean if u want a
better camera buy the 10d. i guess some r just cheap.

Oh btw i would not ever trade my d70 for a 10d, and the 300d well i
never consider it an option.(to answer ur question lol)

Paul L.

when i bought my rebel back in Sept. of last year, that's a
difference of $500usd, so that means my 400 f5.6L lens only cost me
$500, that's not cheap, that's smart. I will buy the next 10d or
something inbetween the 10d and 1d if such a camera exists at the
beginning of next year, not because i want a metal body or pretty
black camera, but because my warranty expires in Sept. and i've
taken over 24,000 pics with this camera.

Are people from Sweden who buy their D70 in the US considered cheap
because they can get the camera cheaper here? I think not.

And unless you work for canon or you are an expert in law and
specifically consumers right's when dealing with warranty issues,
your statement about losing your warranty when using hacked
firmware is merely your opinion. It maybe that cut and dry in
Sweden, i dont' know, but here in the US they will probably honor
the warranty unless the hacked firmware can be linked to the cause
of the problem.

yea like i could get the camera cheaper in the us... lol u do know
we got taxes so if order one online i would have to pay taxes plus
a heavy shipment cost, so no i cant get it cheaper... it would cost
me more.

I realize you have taxes, but do you have income tax? I wish the US would go to a national sales tax and give me every penny i earn, just tax me on things i buy. Anyway i was talking about people coming to the US and buying the camera to bring back or having a friend bring back for them, this happens often, not sure if they are charged tax at customs in their country, but most still come out cheaper.

As for the hacked firmware, i must be honest and say that i dont
know for sure. But i do know this goes for mobile phones in sweden.
If u modify the firmware or software. and u send it in for repair.
well they can simply deny u service under warranty.
As for thinking in this is cheap, thats merely my opinion. As for
being smart to save 500$ i rather save up the money and get the
read deal instead of a wacked 300d. just my opinion. ur offcourse
entitled to urs.

I didn't buy the 300d expecting to install some third party firmware in the future, i didn't even know people hacked the firmware, but i sure will use it as it makes the camera that much better. If i new that the rebels Ai focus was so unpredictable i would have bought the 10d instead.

There's nothing wrong with hacked firmware. 90% of you would install hacked firmware for the d70 if it were available and proved reliable. If you wouldn't then you are in the 10 percentile.

Paul L.

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