Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: For PaulyOly (pics)

Han Phil Vahn wrote:

PaulyOly wrote:

I could give a rat's @ss about the camera, but what can i put on
the D70 that will give me 400mm and excellent image quality and
please don't say the sigma 50-500, tried it didn't like it. I'm
thinking of a lens that you can handhold that cost less than the
$1500 and please post some examples. In the lower mm range the
differences in image quality is probably a toss up and depends on
what you prefer and i'm not talking about the kits lenses. No need
for 100% crops with me.

these are not mine, but of Vinod Menon. am not sure also if this
has already been posted in this thread...

i saw some of your posts wherein you were asking for good D70
pics. you see, the reason why you haven't seen good pics from a
D70 just yet is because most D70ers have just acquired their new
cams since it got released only more than a couple of months ago.
plus many are still researching which lens to buy. same with the
300D forum, those posters who just got their cams have barely
something to show.

the 300D is really a good cam. i even thought of getting one. but
so is the D70. they have their pros and cons. it's ridiculous to
downplay the D70 just to claim that the 300D is good! they're both
sooo good that makes the choosing to difficult to many.

btw, you may wanna show the pics to your sister Daniella back home.

Those look good, but they were taken with a 200mm lens, i was
looking for 400mm shots. Even so i've seen much nicer looking
images taken with a 10d or 300d. On my lcd flat panel monitor i
can see a difference between a cmos sensor image and a ccd. To me
the cmos images look nicer, smoother, but both are equally sharp
and colorful. Just my opinion.

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