Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: Defenders?

Jeff Kohn wrote:

fjp wrote:

Yo_ Dawg wrote:

My only problem so far has been some dust on the sensor.

Why does my dust come and go? How come I haven't read of this
happening to others? I have had up to four spots of dust on my
sensor, where it appears in every shot where there is a light,
uniform background. Then after a while, it just disappears. Right
now I have no dust on my sensor, none that shows up in images

The dust is more likely to show up at small apertures like F16 or
F22 where as you might not see them at all at F3.5, for instance.

The dust was showing at f/11 and it was no longer there when I shot again later at f/11

Another possibility is that the dust was on your lens/filter and
you've since cleaned it?

Have not cleaned the filters between the time they appeared and disappeared. Besides, you can't see dust on filters. Dust on filters may subtlely reduce resolution but otherwise it is invisible.

My theory is that it actually helps to change lenses frequently, contrary to what most people who post about this recommend. Only then can the dust come and go. It also helps to change lenses with the camera pointed down, so the dust has a chance to fall off with almost unnoticeable wind that might be present. The dust after all is not sticking to the sensor like glue. I would just avoid changing lenses in dusty areas.

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