Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: The D70 wins hands down.

peacekeeper wrote:

1. The D70 allows 7 preset parameter settings; the 300D only
allows might allow 5!

2. The D70’s color has 2 x sRGB plus Adobe RGB and the 300D only
has 1 x sRGB plus Adobe RGB

3. The D70 has 3D matrix, 1005 pixel metering, the 300D only has
35 zone metering.

4. The D70 allows exposure compensation in + - 5 EV 1/3 or 1/2 EV
steps and the 300D only allows +
- 2 EV 1/3 EV steps.

5. The D70 allows flash compensation in -3 to +1 EV 1/3 or 1/2 EV
steps the 300D allows none!

6. The D70 has shutter speeds from to 30 - 1/8000 sec and the 300D
only goes to 1/4000 sec.

7. The D70 can flash sync External: up to 1/500 sec and the 300D
only can flash sync 1/200 sec.

8. The D70 can manually select AF modes Single, Continuous and the
300D can not manually select any!

9. The D70 has a dedicated AF assist lamp and the 300D’s flash
strobe, must be up.

10. The D70 can shoot continuous JPEG bursts at 3 frames per
second until the buffer is full and the 300D can only shoot at 2.5
frames per second for 4 measly shots. The 300D’s buffer does not
even come close to compare to the D70’s!

11. The D70’s self timer can be set from 2 - 20 sec and the 300D
can only be set to 10 sec.

12. The D70 slow sync flash can be set to 1st or 2nd Curtain and
the 300D can only be set to 1st.

13. The D70 white balance can be fine tuned and the 300D’s white
balance can’t.

14. The D70 has 9 or 35 setting custom functions and the 300D has

15. The D70 has an LCD that is 1.8", 130,000 pixels and the 300D’s
LCD is only 118,000 pixels.

16. The D70 provides embedded in EXIF and the 300D doesn’t.

17. The D70 has one rear and one front command dial and the 300D
only has one poorly placed top command dial.

18. The D70’s power on is virtually instant and the 300D takes 3

19. The D70’s shutter release is considered “very fast” and the
300D shutter release is only considered “fast”.

20. Nikon's new flash system is second to none.

The hack takes care of some of these but it also voids the

Man i wish you would stop saying this, there is no reason to believe the hacked firmware will void your warranty. No one has been refused warranty work because of the hack and canon has not made any official statement claiming they will refuse service to hacked firmware users.

Here's a statment, the D70 will implode after 6 months, i said it therefore it is true.

Do you want to by a brand new camera just have to void

the warranty to make things work? Not me. With all the err99 faults
and shutter problems I would not want to do that.

I've had my share of error 99's, i hope the d70's shutter proves to be better.
The D70 doesn’t

need a hack.

The Nikon wins in the reviews and in my hands. I also have a
Canon. Look at dpreview and Imaging Resource which are the two top
review sites if you do an online search of digital cameras.

No one believes you own a canon. Please post a picture of your canon taken with your nikon, i'll even host it for you.

If you want to verify this look at page 20 on the D70 review on
dpreview. The 300D simply does not compare to the 70D. Not even
close! I am not the only one that thinks so. It is all right
here; look at these links.

Many prefer the images from the canon cmos, i'm one of many.

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