Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: Total support from me!

methuselah wrote:

alehmann wrote:

Ed, I can not agree with you.
What's your real objective? Good pictures you are doubtless
satisfied with? To have a better ot cheaper camera than others
have? Fight battles that only your decisions are the right ones.
It doesn't touch me at all that there are better cameras around and
even if the 300D is better in some features I don't care. I really
like my D70 and I'm happy with it. For me I don't like the 300D but
if others think vice versa it doesn't bother me.

So - for me - your questions are absolutely unnecessary.

Have fun with your equipment, either D70 or 300D, and take good
pictures which you can enjoy.


I bought a D70 because I did! It works for me. I love TLR's, have
owned several and pretty near everything else that uses film, I

Ansel Adams used a 10x8 plate camera often.

I am now and have always been a photographer totally bereft of any
artistic talent. My wife seems to happy with happy snaps of the
grandchildren. Who cares about the camera?

Remember, the one who dies with the most toys still dies.

Keep up your good advice. A true artist can create masterpieces
with a home made pinhole camera. I think sometimes we don't realise
just how lucky we are!!

A marvelous, meaningful and eloquent post. You have struck the head of the nail with great literary force. Congratulations.


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