Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

Started Jun 9, 2004 | Discussions thread
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10d was $1500usd........

Paul.R.Lindqvist wrote:

If u want the real deal why not buy a 10D ? laughable how cheap
people can be... yea the 300d is packed with feature once u hacks
it and lose ur warranty... way to go..

Personally i dont why u ever wanna hack a 300d ? I mean if u want a
better camera buy the 10d. i guess some r just cheap.

Oh btw i would not ever trade my d70 for a 10d, and the 300d well i
never consider it an option.(to answer ur question lol)

Paul L.

when i bought my rebel back in Sept. of last year, that's a difference of $500usd, so that means my 400 f5.6L lens only cost me $500, that's not cheap, that's smart. I will buy the next 10d or something inbetween the 10d and 1d if such a camera exists at the beginning of next year, not because i want a metal body or pretty black camera, but because my warranty expires in Sept. and i've taken over 24,000 pics with this camera.

Are people from Sweden who buy their D70 in the US considered cheap because they can get the camera cheaper here? I think not.

And unless you work for canon or you are an expert in law and specifically consumers right's when dealing with warranty issues, your statement about losing your warranty when using hacked firmware is merely your opinion. It maybe that cut and dry in Sweden, i dont' know, but here in the US they will probably honor the warranty unless the hacked firmware can be linked to the cause of the problem.

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