Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

No disrespect ment,

Ed sell your D70 and buy a Digital rebel.
Then you will "happy" and feel that you did the right thing.

It is only money. The reason that I say this is that in 3 weeks with the 300D you will once again sell it.
BECAUSE you want the D70 back, BECAUSE it is a better photographic instrument.

It is not worth being dissatisfied with the D70. Sell it on Ebay. I know about 3000 guys waiting in line for it.

Take the money buy the 300d, you will have a few bucks left over and we will all sleep better.

Don't be offended. I do not mean any disrespect.


-Ed- wrote:

I don't want to get into another heated debate but I was over at
300D forum and I read many "anti D70" comments that attacks many
aspects of the camera especially the "inferior" image quality claim
due to moire and noise. What really bothered me was that no one
was able to defend against those claims. Peacekeeper, Todd, and
Msport had tried but I think they were overpowered by a few
relentless Canonians.

I personally have not experienced such problems. In fact, I am
perfectly happy with D70 and I have printed out a few unbelivable

But now, I wonder if I get the best performance / $ ratio
especially now the new firmware hack is available that gives the
camera new features such as ISO 3200 and MLU.

So my question is now if you can return your D70 for a 300D + about
$400 more in your wallet, would you do it?

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Sam Stern

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