Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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I agree...

I like to keep things positive. I really don't know the 300D very well. I do prefer it's ZOOM function for image playback, but other than that, it felt "cheap" for me. Then lens was not very inspiring either. For looks and feel, the D70 is for me. I can't compare functionality because I haven't really used the 300D.

Where does that leave me? When I run into people with the 300D, I don't say anything. if they are someone I do know and they didn't have it before, I'll say something like "Congratulations on the new gear" and that's about it. If I run into someone with a D70, I'll likely say, "Hey, great camera!"

Why people feel the need to trash other people's purchases is rediculous. They very petty self-important snobs. I bought a Ford Mustang 4 years ago. Is the best car in the world? No. Is it the best car in it's price range? I dunno, probably not. But damn it, I do happen to like Ford and I LOVE Mustangs. If you're a GM loving Camaro guy, fantastic!

Now, don't get me wrong, I do know and respect the differences between good natured ribbing and being an a$$. A co-worker bought a 300D. I didn't say another other than, "How do you like it?" He's probably taking it back. To get a D70? possible, but he actually wants a Canon 10D. My Boss has a 10D, neither of us have tried to bad mouth the other's camera. What's the point? Who cares what type of brush you're painting with, is the painting any good?!

I've taken more pictures in the 2 months I've owned my D70 than in the 1.5 years I owned my CP5700. I'm pinning up posters and photos on every bit of wall space I can find and I'm getting a lot of compliments. I'll challenge any 300D owner to a shootout to see who takes a better picture. And when the dust settles, I can promise you this. I'll probably lose and it won't be because I have a D70. it'll probably be becaue the other guy is just a better photographer.

I'm rambling now...sorry...carried away...I'll shush

jkbradshaw wrote:

...Steping onto my soapbox

I need to stop reading posts like this -- these internet camera
zealots are can be evn more trying than political or religious
fanatics. Doing research to get the best for your money is one
thing, but trying to inflate your investment and deflate others (to
further inflate yours) is just so blah, blah, blah. If you like
boxers, wear boxers. If you like the tighty whities, then wear
those, but don't spend all your time pulling down other people's
pants so you can see and compare. My guess is that people that get
too into these posts about the D70 vs the DRebel, especially after
they have made their purchase are more interested in collecting the
best technology and bragging to their friends then they are about
making good images.

Go out and shoot, stop whining and fighting.

Really, I'm not that bitter about the whole thing. Informed
consumerism is a pillar of enlightened capitalism, and who doesn't
want that? Perhaps I'm just frustrated that I have a camera capable
of so much more than I currently am able to take full advantage of
-- I have yet to make an image worthy of a 20x30 print. I'll bet
I'm not the only one.

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