Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

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Re: Do you still prefer a D70 over a hacked 300D?

Two thoughts:

1) Any camera will yield spectacular results in the hands of a good photographer. Some cameras are more consumer friendly than others, but with enough work, anything can be made to perform. (niche markets have special speed or resolution requirements)

2) Nikons new flash system, what they call the "Creative Lighting System" is stunningly effective. This is something that will take Canon a while to match, unless they have already been working on it. If you have never used fill flash before because it seemed like an arcane talent passed down from Tibetan monks, be at ease.

The D70 has a built in capability to act as a remote master controller for the SB800. You set the D70 menu item for the flash to Master and the pop up flash now communicates through light flashes to the SB800. They do a little dance, talking back and forth, then the SB800 fires with the shutter release. It takes a fraction of a second and the results are beyond belief. The ability of the SB800 to control groups of other 800/600 model flashes is stunning.

I am still learning, but I think this feature alone is worth sticking with Nikon. No other camera system I know of is this smart at getting accurate and pleasing flash results.

I think Quantum and some others started this trend, but Nikon integrates this concept with the camera. Nearly foolproof flash at the simple end of things, incredible flexibility with multiple flashes at the more advanced end. A tough act to follow. (perhaps studio quality flases with faster cycle times?)

In the future, I think Nikon will be recognized for this new flash system as one of their best innovations in many years.

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'Most cameras and most lenses are better than most photographers.'

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